DINOTSHI HOLDINGS is a 100% Black owned and diverse entity that entered South African market in 2013 formed by a team of professionals with different industry backgrounds, whose vision was not only to be in business but to provide quality services and to meet our client’s needs.

We have committed ourselves in growing DINOTSHI HOLDINGS to be one of the best service providers in the ICT sector, Events Management, Media and Communication sector, housing solution and General services in the public sector.

Our customer target base is private and government sectors.To build a relationship with our clients we make sure that we understand their business needs and ensure that we deliver an effective and quality service by sourcing the best products at competitive costs and to work constantly as a team with our clients.

Our prime directive is to maximize customers’ business efficiencies through innovative solutions. The way we go about doing this is forming a partnership with our customers and focusing on their business from the boardroom door to operational floor – identifying areas where our services and solutions can improve their bottom line.

Through strong partnerships with leading manufacturers and suppliers, DINOTSHI HOLDINGS is able to deliver the best services and solutions to meet our client’s business needs. Using our strong project management capabilities, a wide range of product offerings and careful logistical support, DINOTSHI HOLDINGS forms unique partnerships with its clients to deliver and implement a best-fit service, whilst considering existing services and budgets.