DINOTSHI HOLDINGS offers a list of services for business owners to choose from, depending on their particular business needs.

Our services include Creative Strategy, Events Management and Media and Communications.

DH is flexible, working with its clients in the fashion preferred by the client, be it on-site, remotely, or a combination of both. DH typically works on a project in a team fashion to assist the client in all areas of the business simultaneously. This allows for all parties involved to be in sync in terms of understanding the interconnections of all functional areas of the business.

Service Descriptions

1.Creative Strategy

Our team has the skills and experience to provide top end creative strategy that reaches your core target market in the most efficient manner.

Services included the following:

  • Concept development
  • Campaign development
  • Campaign research
  • Social media planning
  • Social media campaign development


2.Media and Communications

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We offer a complete, custom media campaign that covers all audio-visual and printed media. Examples include radio and television ads, billboards, wall murals, video campaigns, etc.

Our proven and effective seven step process to building a winning campaign includes the following:

  •  Initial consultation.
  •  Analysis of goals and target market demographics.
  •  Planning.
  •  Creation of streamlined and custom advertising campaigns based on needs.
  •  Total design work of all audio-visual/printed advertising tools.
  •  Implementation (usually through subcontractors).
  • Follow-up analysis.
  • Each project is customized to our client and its scope, length, depth, reach, and cost are unique.

As well as offering,

  • Voice over artists
  • Access to community radio stations
  • Daily Wrap-Up show.

3.Event Management

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We provide corporate events that have a 360 approach and are integrated with the digital space:

Our services include:

  • Event production and management
  • Speaker and MC’S Management
  • Venue Management
  • Catering services
  • Online RSVP portals
  • Social Media campaigns around the event –
  • Corporate invite design
  • Temporary website for the event
  • Hiring out stretch tents and marques of any size.